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Use these tracks to get your timing down perfect for the the festival season.  Get Read to Jam!

The Melody to this tune is being supplied by Banjo, Mandolin and Guitar live and playing along to one of our backing tracks.

Download the Free Top 10 Tracks below and give them a Try! 

Bluegrass Backing Tracks

Bluegrass Backing Tracks

Parking Lot Favorites Instant Download MP3 format

Contains 50 of the most popular "Parking Lot Favorites".

Use These Tracks to get your timing down perfect and learn to play with other musicians before heading to the next Jam Session.....Get Ready for the Festival Season.

This set of backikng tracks use Guitar, Mandolin, and Bass and have a count in with a natural sounding four bar ending.

All of the tracks contain chord progressions only allowing you to supply the melody. 

Includes.....Blue Night....Dear Old Dixie....Shuckin the Corn.... Black Mountain Rag...Nine Pound Hammer....and 45 more ! 

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Get Ready to Jam

 GREAT bluegrass music starts with GREAT timing. Any good teacher will tell you to work with a metronome to get the timing down perfect. The steady tick...tick...tick of a metronome will work but playing along with a group is so much more enjoyable.Our goal is to provide a method to improve timing through the use of actual songs that are popular in a jam setting. 

No MIDI sounds


We came up with the idea for bluegrass backing tracks when we were trying to figure out a more enjoyable way for someone to work on timing and speed up the process of becoming comfortable playing with other musicians in a jam.

The backing tracks are built using a small MIDI file. By replacing the MIDI sounds with actual bluegrass instruments being played by professional musicians we believe we have found a solution.

The feedback we receive has convinced us the backing tracks provide a a fantastic solution.

Parking Lot Favorites $12.95

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