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Video Video Black Mountain Rag
Check out this short video of a jam standard using one of our tracks to supply the backup
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Just about everyone has access to a metronome but sometimes finding a jam or even another musician to play along with presents a problem. Trying to play along with a MIDI track can be counter productive due to some of the instruments not sounding realistic. By replacing the MIDI sounds with actual bluegrass instruments being played by professional musicians the practice session becomes so much more enjoyable.

Listen to a Sample...   Salt Creek

In the example above bits and pieces of generic licks and phrases are being played by actual musicians around the chord progression. NO MIDI Sounds.

The melody has been added to the example below by adding a live Guitar and Banjo Break

Click here to Listen: Beaumont Rag

Bass, Mandolin, and Fiddle are being played in the background using our Backing Tracks

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Parking Lot Favorites

Download Contains 50 of the most popular "Parking Lot Favorites".

Use These Tracks to get your timing down perfect and learn to play with other musicians before heading to the next Jam Session.....Get Ready for the Festival Season.

This set of backikng tracks use Guitar, Mandolin, and Bass and have a count in with a natural sounding four bar ending.

All of the tracks contain chord progressions only allowing you to supply the melody. For additional information click on the....FAQ Page.

Includes.....Blue Night....Dear Old Dixie....Shuckin the Corn.... Black Mountain Rag...Nine Pound Hammer....and 45 more !

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Price $10.95

Download the above Parking Lot Favorites Plus 50 Additional Tracks

Contains The Original Parking Lot Favorites (Guitar, Bass, Mandolin)
Plus an additional 50 Parking Lot Favorites (Guitar, Bass, Mandolin and Banjo)...100 Bluegrass Tracks

Great for learning the classics and the top jam tunes.

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Price $17.95

Slow Jam Special

Slow Jam Special

Contains all 4 Slow Jam Classics Sets...100 Bluegrass Tracks

Great for learning the classics and the top jam tunes.

Price $15.95

Slow Jam Special

Festival Special

Get Ready for the Upcoming Festivals. Use the Medium Tempo Tracks to work on tone and timing and getting the tune up to jam speed

This Download Contains:

Price $23.95

Bluegrass Special (Download)

This Collection Contains All of the Above

Save $34.55 by purchasing the entire group when compared to purchasing the individual sets and download Parking Lot Favoirtes (slow tempo) free!

Price $34.95

Bluegrass Special also available on DVD as mp3 data files

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Bluegrass Practice Tracks

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bluegrass backing tracks

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